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Why it's awesome

Milligram provides a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean starting point. Just it! Only 2kb gzipped! It's not about a UI framework. Specially designed for better performance and higher productivity with fewer properties to reset resulting in cleaner code. Hope you enjoy!

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The Button, an essential part of any user experience. Buttons come in three basic styles in Milligram: The button element has flat color by default, whereas .button-outline has a simple outline around, and .button-clear is entirely clear.

Default Button
<!-- Default Button -->
<a class="button" href="#">Default Button</a>

<!-- Outlined Button -->
<button class="button button-outline">Outlined Button</button>

<!-- Clear Button -->
<input class="button button-clear" type="submit" value="Clear Button">

<!-- Easily apply the `.button` class for button style in the anchor element. -->

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